The shopping Fashion

For the main brands

The streets Paradis, Masséna, Avenue de Verdun and of Suède concentrate an incredible number of famous addresses. On Masséna street: Burberry's stands at n° 22, Blanc Bleu at n°13. On Paradis street: Chanel is at n°24, Cacharel at n°7, Armani at n° 11, Façonable and Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel at n°3. On Suède avenue: Yves Saint Laurent at n°10, Lacoste at n°6 and Louis Vuitton at n°2.

For the Department stores

The big avenues concentrate a huge number of cheap brands. On Jean Médecin Avenue, a few steps from Place Masséna, many department stores are settled: Les Galleries Lafayette, Nice Etoile and Nice TNL.
Les Galleries Lafayette is an essential stop where one can find, concentrated in only one place, an extremely complete selection of items for man. It holds beginners creations as well as confirmed creators or beauty articles.

For the young and cheap shopping

It is on the Jean Médecin Avenue and all around that you will find many cheap articles.
It is where brands like H&M and C&A are setted as well as streetwear clothes and sports shoes stores

The trades Markets

To stay in Nice in an apartment will probably require you to make some shoppings for food items. All the locals shop in small department stores or in grocery shops.

The trades of proximity

Our advice is to shop in stores like Monoprix, Casino, Marché U, that garanties good quality items, a large choice and numeros shop. You will always find one of these stores next to tour place. Some grocery stores are opened late, until 1 or 2 am. You can find them at each corner. How ever you will only find basic food items. You can also find some “traiteurs”, they will provide you with ham and sausages, take away and pastries. They are not cheap, but offer an excellent quality.

The Trading streets

The food markets are usually in the same street. Each store offers a type of item they have selectioned or made. If you wich to buy some bread, croissants or pastries, the nearest backery is probably The Best Option. To buy some bottles of wine, a “caviste” will offer you a large selection of “crus” and will advice you. If you wish to taste cheese, go to a “Fromager”; a large choice of cheese from different places will be offered to you. A last, you can get extremely fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, each area counting a few street markets.

The markets

The three most emblematic markets are THE FRUIT, FLOWER AND VEGETABLE MARKET of the Saleya course, FISH MARKET place Saint François and the ANTIC AND SECOND HAND BOOK MARKET the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, the PAINTING AND CRAFT ART, the 2nd Saturday of each month, THE OLD POST CARDS MARKET 4th Saturday of each month, Place of the Palace. Finally, and it is probably the most picturesque experience, Nice’s fruit, flower and vegetables market will offer you the best experience of the city. Every district has at least one opened air market.

-Libération, haut Malausséna
-Ray, place Fontaine du Temple
-Saint-Roch, boulevard Virgile Barel
-Ariane, place de l'Ariane
-Pasteur, avenue Antonia-Augusta
-Cimiez, place du Commandant Jérôme
-St Augustin, bd Paul Montel
-Caucade, place de Caucade


If you want to enjoy a coffee at a terrace, you will only have a problem of choice. There are the hundreds of places in which you will be able to experience the typical French ritual of the pause coffee. We advise you to chill out on one of the Terraces of the “Cours Saleya”.


To eat on the run on the street corner!

A sort of giant pancake very thin made out of chick pea flour and olive oil.

Onion pie with anchovies and black olives.

A pie with overripe and gables.

Take a small white and round bread, cut it in two, rub every interior face with a clove of garlic, add small discs of tomatoes, of radish, of boiled egg, of cébettes, of heart of purple artichokes, then put the shelled fevettes finally, some crumbs of tuna, some anchovies, vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, basil and olives pitted and… enjoy yourselves!

To taste absolutely

Prepared with beef in stew.

Prepared with potatoes.

Tomatoes, pepper, eggplants, courgettes, oignons and garlic cooked a part and then mixed together.

Sucking-pig stuffed.

Caracteres gras with tomato.

Made out of dried cod that must soak 4 to 5 days in the water, frie some onions and add, peppers, tomatoes and the white wine. This dish must cook three hours. Finally add crushed anchovies then, a handful of olives and… It’s ready!

Garlic mayonnaise with olive oil.

Prepared with leeks, carrots, celery, courgettes, string beans, red or white beans and potatoes cut in small dices. This soup holds its particularity due to the "pistou" that is added at the very last minute: it is a sauce made out of garlic, basil and cheese...

They are the delight of Nice’s cuisine. In red, white and rosy, of controlled appellation, they have an excellent reputation especialy on the « Stars » tables of Nice. These wines are from the grape wines cultived on the hills.