Code of Conduct and Ethics

My Flat in Nice by Apart  Hotel Riviera was established in 2004, and is a company to  specialize in the stay of apartments in Nice and French. My Flat in Nice is the only one of its’ kind to make this commitment respecting  the code of ethics of the SPLM, which we have  been members of since from March 2013.   CODE OF CONDUCT AND ETHICS   The SPLM brings together stay professionals who are committed to respecting  the following ethical principles: 

1. General ethical principles:
The agent is an individual whose professional activity is duly registered in France. The agent operates his/her business in line with the laws of France. The agent undertakes to pay all taxes linked to his/her professional activities.  All agents to provide all necessary information to apartment owners so that those owners can pay any taxes due. The agent will take out annual insurance to cover professional risks. The agent will inform all guests of this insurance cover and note it on the website. Any contravention of the rules of this Code of Ethics will be brought to the attention of the Ethics Committee of the SPLM. The committee will sanction any agent who does not respect the Code of Ethics, which may, in the event of a serious transgression, incur his/her exclusion from the association.

2. Commitment to good neighbourly conduct:  
Agents undertake to inform each occupant of the apartments under their management of  the SPLM’s Guidelines of Good Neighbourly Conduct. These guidelines aim to make guests  aware of the need to refrain from making noise and to respect the buildings where they  are staying at the request of an owner; therefore, the agent will publish these guidelines prominently by informing  guests of the owner about them on their arrival, and may also consider displaying them in the  apartment. The agent undertakes to respond rapidly to any complaints from owners or the management committee (syndic) of the building. The agent will clearly display in the apartment at the request of an owner all their contact details so that the rental guest of the owner can communicate them to anyone who requests them.

3. Undertakings vis-à-vis guests of the owner:  
Agents will ensure their payment system is secure or will put in place a secure payment  system for his benefits in order to protect against fraud. Agents will not accept bank transfers on foreign bank accounts for his benefits. . The agent will set out general conditions of sale for the owners that will be communicated to all guests and displayed on the rental website. Agents will display the contact details of the owners of their company on their website, as well as a telephone number where they can be reached. Agents will provide guests with complete, accurate and honest information that conforms to regulations on demand and on behalf of the owner. Agents will put in place a formal procedure for dealing with complaints, which will be  communicated to their clients on demand and on behalf of the owner.

4. Undertakings regarding competence, training and advice:
  Agents undertake to maintain a level of professional competence and knowledge for  themselves and all employees, with regard to developments in the profession, its laws and regulations. Agents undertake to ensure training for themselves and their employees to this end. Agents will refrain from offering advice on topics which are outside their field of competence.

5. Relations with the SPLM and between colleagues: 
The agent undertakes to always preserve the dignity, honour and reputation of the profession. The agent undertakes to refrain from unfair competition with colleagues. SPLM agents undertake to respond to inquiries or opinion polls drawn up or ordered by the SPLM. SPLM agents agree to play an active role in the association. SPLM agents will only communicate with each other about clients via e-mail from their  professional accounts.